The 72th anniversary of the presentation of the manifesto of independence

Each year on January 11, Morocco's commemorates its Independence Manifesto Day when the document demanding independence for the Kingdom was submitted to France, the USA and Great Britain. These events took place in 1944 during the reign of the late Sovereign, His Majesty King Mohammed V.

The Anfa Conference of January 1943, in which took part HM King Mohamed V, was an important milestone in the march towards independence. The Sovereign seized this opportunity to tackle the issue of independence during his meetings with President Roosevelt who pledged the support of the United States for Morocco. The subject was also discussed with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

On Thursday, January 11, 1944, the nationalists of the Istiqlal party presented the Manifesto to the Sultan Mohammed V, and handed a copy to the French legation. In this Manifesto, nationalists openly demanded the independence of Morocco under the auspices of His Majesty Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef.

Although the manifesto document was submitted in 1944, Morocco didn't gain its independence in that year. HM King Mohammed V was exiled by France in 1953 to Madagascar. He was replaced by Mohamed Ben Aarafa who was extremely unpopular among Moroccans. This resulted in the beginning of active opposition to the French and Spanish protectorates. The liberation activists pushed France to allow HM King Mohammed V to return to Morocco. Long negotiations followed his return and in March 1956, Morocco gained its independence from Spain and France.


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