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Universally known to be one of the rare cuisines which knew how to preserve the authenticity of dishes and recipes, the Moroccan cuisine, having existed for more than 2000 years, is a festival of components where the variety of dishes ranges between sweet and salty foods and where food is cooked by three main methods: Mkalli (fried), Mhammar (roast) and méchoui (barbecued).

You can consult a number of recipes of the Moroccan cuisine proposed by Abderhim Bargache.

These recipes are selected from those pertaining to the most common culinary heritage of imperial cities i.e. from the traditional cuisine of the regions known for their strong gastronomic tradition as well as villages hwhich have a rich background and which are strictly linked to the ecosystem.

They are mentioned here to show the immense Moroccan culinary knowledge whose history goes back to more than 2000 years; the first relationship being established by the Roman author Pline l’Ancien.

These receipes are selected because of their simplicity, they do not contain too much fat as it is current nowadays and they are adapted to the most common cooking methods and materials in the world

It goes without saying that in order to respect the original taste of these first courses, dishes or desserts, it would be advisable to prepare them with tools and containers made of terracotta, cooked on wood or charcoal fire and respect the normal cooking times required for food to be ready.

This selection is gracefully offered to all the epicures of the world hoping that it will arouse their curiosity and interest and in which case their author and his team would be happy to answer their questions.


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