HM the King chairs in Rabat Council of Ministers

During the meeting, the Council adopted a draft organic law, a draft framework-law, a draft Dahir, draft decrees on the military field, in addition to the guidelines of the 2015 appropriation draft bill and several international agreements.

 HM the King, as a guarantor of the national democratic choice, recalled that he has insisted, on several occasions, on the need to respect elections transparency, which the sovereign always saw to it that it is guaranteed in previous elections.

 In the same context, HM the King underlined the role assigned to the head of government to supervise elections and instructed the ministers of Interior and Justice to make sure that the elections process is not rigged and counter all dishonest practices.

 Under constitutional provisions relating to reinforcing the rule of law and its institutions, the Council adopted a draft organic law on the Judiciary Higher Council.

 The draft bill was elaborated pursuant to Article 116 of the constitution and in implementation of Royal Instructions on the Judiciary reform and the justice charter, and taking account of international principles related to the independence of the judiciary.

 The draft bill sets the modes of the council's organization and functioning, the rules of election and member appointment, as well as criteria of managing magistrate careers.

 It seeks to foster the judiciary independence, secure female magistrates' representation within the body, and reinforce guarantees given to judges, as well as commitment to respecting the principles of good governance and strengthening the council's role in raising justice moral standards.

 The Council also adopted a draft framework law on the protection and the promotion of special needs peoples' rights. The law is meant to lay down the basic principles that should be observed by public authorities while elaborating public policies for this social segment, set measures linked to this category's social security and medical health care, and guarantee their rights mainly to education, training and employment.

 The Council also adopted a draft Dahir and five draft decrees in the military fields. They are a draft Dahir setting the prerogatives of the Royal Marine Inspection in the fields of hydrography, oceanography and marine cartography. As for the draft decrees, they touch on the creation of a national coordination committee in the area, sharing legal electronic data, creating positions of military attachés to Morocco's embassies in Mali, Libya, Côte d'Ivoire and Gabon, as well as the restructuring of the Royal Naval School and the Royal Air School.

During the Council, Economy and Finance Minister gave a presentation on the general guidelines of the 2015 draft Finance Act, in which he said that the project is based on the High Royal guidelines contained in the speeches of the Throne Day and August 20th, as well as the commitments of the government program.

   The draft Finance Act aims to promote the kingdom's accomplishments in its democratic and development process to move forward in strengthening the foundations of an integrated and sustainable development model, and placing Morocco among the emerging countries, making sure that all Moroccans benefit from development in a balanced way.

   After adopting the general guidelines of the draft Finance Act, the Council approved several international and bilateral agreements with brotherly and friendly countries.

   The Council also approved the appointment of Omar Hilale as Ambassador, permanent representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations in New York. On April 14, 2014, HM the King appointed Hilale on the proposal of the Government Chief and initiative of the Foreign Minister.

   In accordance with Article 49 of the Constitution, and on the proposal of the Government Chief and the initiative of the Foreign Minister, HM the King appointed Mohamed Aujjar as Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations Office in Geneva.


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