HM the King and Senegalese President visit real estate project 'Cité des fonctionnaires' by subsidiary of Moroccan group Holmarcom

HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Senegalese president Macky Sall, visited on Tuesday the real estate project "Cité des fonctionnaires" (civil servants' residence), carried out in the Diamiadio urban center in Dakar by Peacock Investments, a subsidiary of Moroccan group Holmarcom.

HM the King and Senegalese Pres. visit real estate project 'Cité des fonctionnaires' by subsidiary of Moroccan group Holmarcom

 At their arrival at the project's site, HM the King and Senegal's head of state were greeted by Senegalese housing minister, the mayor and prefect of Diamiadio, Holmarcom's CEO and executives, board of directors' chairman and executives of Peacock Investments and CEO of the Banque Centrale Populaire.

 Details were given to HM the King and the Senegalese president about the real estate project which is built over 73 hectares and is designed to provide housing for civil servants and employees of Senegal's middle class for reasonable prices.

 Worth 37 billion CFA francs, the project, which is the fruit of a Moroccan group and Senegalese operators, concerns the construction of 2850 houses. It is part of Morocco's commitment, under the leadership of HM the King, to contribute to the socio-economic development of sister countries like Senegal through projects with a strong social impact.

 It also mirrors the win-win partnership which makes the basis of Morocco's African policy and seeks to enable African countries in general, and Senegal in particular, to benefit from the Moroccan housing expertize within the framework of south-south partnership.

 The building works concern the development of 150 m2-plots for a 60 to 76 m2 living space, as well as the construction of villas of "Kheweul" and "Ibis" types. A total of 230 villas and 150 plots of land, fully serviced, will be delivered in July 2015.

 The integrated project provides for the building of public service facilities and trade areas to meet the daily needs of the inhabitants, notably a school, a health center, a mosque, a trade center and sports fields.

 The Diamiadio urban center will be a new city with an international conference center, hotels, a ministerial center, Dakar's second university, an industrial and commercial center and an area for sports and entertainment.

 Afterwards, HM King Mohammed VI and Senegalese president Macky Sall visited a model apartment.

 The sovereign and Sall handed the keys and ownership certificates to 10 beneficiaries from the real estate project.

 The Senegalese president presented to HM the King three large trucks and three ambulances, a sample of a 400 trucks and 164 ambulances order by the State of Senegal to Moroccan company "Riad Motors".


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