Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

The 21st edition of the World Sacred Music Festival, which will be held from 22 to 30 May under the theme "Africa Fez mirror", was presented Tuesday night in London before an audience of diplomats, personalities British, intellectuals and representatives of the world of culture, art, politics and media. Under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, the World Sacred Music Festival has chosen for this 21th edition a rich and varied program, celebrating the long-standing relations Morocco / Africa and the common ancient history woven between the city Fez, spiritual crucible, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador of Morocco in the UK, H.H Lalla Joumala, stressed the importance of Sacred Music Festival in Fez world that celebrates the values of tolerance and openness as vectors peace and understanding between different religions and cultures.

She also emphasized the historic significance of the imperial city of Fes, the cradle of Islamic civilization of coexistence and intermingling of cultures, indicating that this festival has registered since its creation in a universal mission of peace and rapprochement between peoples. For his part, the president of the "Spirit of Fès" Foundation Abderrafia Zouiten highlighted the relevance of the theme for the 21st edition of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music due to the close and historical ties that have always existed between Fez and Africa.

This ancient city has "inherited an opening position at the end of one of the largest trans-Saharan meridians axes connecting traffic, since the Middle Ages, the Niger loop in Morocco by Touât, Tafilalet and the neck of Talghemt "he added, referring to the participation in the Festival of great African and international talent that celebrate the symbiosis of Fez with Africa.

The director of the Fes Forum, philosopher Ali Benmakhlouf presented, for its part, the themes that will be discussed at the forum: "spiritual, commercial paths Paths", "linguistic pluralism in Africa", "Africa and the sacred "," Hassan Al Wazzan (Leo Africanus) "and" major contemporary issues: education, health, geostrategy, affirming that these panels will be moderated by a host of intellectuals, researchers and leading academics Festival. Fez was appointed in 2001 by the UN as one of the key events that have contributed in a remarkable way to the dialogue of civilizations.

The Festival of World Sacred Music Fes Forum and the ambition to strengthen the dialogue of spirituality through music and establish a culture of peace promoted by a plural globalization that is respectful of ethical and spiritual values.

This flagship event is a global crossroads meeting of cultures and a unique platform for the development of the universal dimension of the cultural heritage and artistic image of Fez


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