Tangier: HM the King dedicates waste water treatment and purified water recycling system plant in Boukhalef

HM King Mohammed VI dedicated this Tuesday in the urban commune of Gzenaya (Tangier suburbs) a waste water treatment plant purified water recycling system plant, a project that showcases the particular attention that HM the King grants to environment protection and sustainable development.

 Part of the "Tanger Metropole" program, the project (250 million DH) is also a component of a large-scale depollution program of the 65 km-long shore extending between Cap Malabata and Assilah meant to improve the quality of bathing water, guarantee the development of tourism and town-planning in the city, eliminate causes of olfactory nuisances, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve water resources. 

    The project -which will, in an initial stage, process waste water from the Atlantic coast between Cap Spartel and Houara area, as well in the commune of Gzenaya - consists in establishing a comprehensive processing system, lay down collectors for the interception and transfer of used waters to the treatment plant, set in place delivery and pumping systems, build a storage basin and a pumping station, and lay  down 8,553 linear meters of pipes for the distribution and, henceforth, the re-use of processed waters for the irrigation of parks in the southern zone of Tangier. 

   The plant will help use, in a first stage, a volume of 11,000 m3/d of used water in irrigation.

   The new plant meets international standards and uses latest water treatment techniques, including activated sludge with tertiary treatment, a formula for the treatment of sludge, elimination of odors and production of water that is conform to Moroccan standards of water used for irrigation.

      In a second stage, by 2017, the depollution system expansion will make it possible to collect and treat water from the rest of the Atlantic shore between Houara and Assilah for a total volume of 16,000 m3/D and expand the purified water distribution network to reach an irrigation and watering area of 200 hectares/D. 

    The project adds up to the numerous large-scale projects launched in Tangier, especially those of the "Tanger-metropole" program which grants a prime place to environment stakes and to dimensions linked to people connectivity and movement.

   The construction of underground parking lots and the building of a direct exit from the Rabat-Tangier highway to the Beni Makada neighborhood and the projected Ain Dalia industrial zone are instances of this.

      The underground parking lots (2,680 places), fruit of partnership between the public and private sectors, require a total budget of 553 million dirhams. It consists in building 12 parking lots on the Tangier coastal road, and 4 others at the Nations Unies square, administrative neighborhood, 9 Avril square and the Mohammed V esplanade to unclog traffic and secure pleasant living conditions for the city inhabitants and visitors.

    The project also features public squares and open air parking lots of an additional capacity of 3,244 places.

    The direct exit project linking the Rabat-Tangier highway to the Beni Makada neighborhood and the Ain Dalia industrial zone (250 million DH) consists in building a slip road and a 6.2 km-long motorway, parks and sidewalks, urban furniture and public lighting network. 

       The project, jointly sponsored by the equipment, transport and logistics ministry and the Tangier-Assilah prefecture, will help alleviate the pressure on the city various exits, improve access to industrial and logistical zones and consolidate road safety.


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