Full Text of Royal Message to the MedCOP Climate 2016

HM King Mohammed VI sent a message to the participants in the second Conference of Parties of the countries bordering the Mediterranean on Climate Change (MedCOP Climate 2016), which kicked off here on Monday.

The royal message was read out by President of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Council, Ilyas El Omari.

Here follows the full text of the royal message:

“Praise be to God
May peace and blessings be upon The Prophet, His Kith and Kin

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to send this message to the participants in the second Conference of Parties of the countries bordering the Mediterranean on Climate Change - MedCOP Climate 2016 - who are meeting today, here in Tangier where, in 2015, His Excellency Mr. Francois Hollande and I called for resolute, solidarity-based climate action.

Last year, for the first time, representatives from civil society, the business community, local authorities and governments of Mediterranean states met in Marseille to underscore their collective commitment to combat climate change and prepare a common position for COP21. This second conference confirms the relevance of this novel forum and attests to the key role it can play.

As Mediterraneans, we have not only socio-economic and geopolitical challenges in common, but also environmental ones, due to the vulnerability of our territories.

This has been confirmed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Mediterranean is probably going to be one of the regions most impacted by global warming in the world. It will affect natural resources as well as major sectors of economic activity, such as agriculture, the fisheries, tourism, industry, energy production, etc.

However, this unique multicultural area of convergence, exchange and interaction has the potential to become a source of strength based on solidarity, to rise to the climate change challenge and collectively build the resilience needed.A region affected by most of the climate change impacts, the Mediterranean is in a position to turn the necessary mitigation and adaptation measures into levers for the achievement of inclusive, successful sustainable development. It will thus receive international recognition thanks to its joint actions.

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since its first conference, MedCOP has established itself as a platform for cooperation, a project incubator and a suggestion box. It has laid the foundations for a positive Mediterranean agenda, with the first solutions to be implemented and "inspiring projects" to be disseminated.

Consolidation and sustainability could therefore be the core concepts of this session.

The Tangier MedCOP is a good opportunity to generate considerable momentum for flagship projects, such as the setting up of an expert group on global changes in the Mediterranean, the creation of a Mediterranean platform for a voluntary, ethical carbon offsetting mechanism or the setting up of a trust fund for marine protected areas.

Held halfway between COP21 and COP22, this conference provides actors in the region with a precious opportunity to coordinate stances on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and make sure the voice of Mediterranean countries is institutionalized at the international level within climate negotiation bodies. Given the priority issues involving scientific data, analysis and understanding of climate phenomena and their impact at a regional level, the MedCOP should become a leading player combining expertise, ambition and cooperation.

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a few weeks’ time, the Kingdom will host COP22 in Marrakech; we want this Conference of the Parties to be action-oriented.

As the first COP to be convened after the Paris Agreement, COP22 will be a litmus test for climate diplomacy. Nothing short of world leaders’ collective commitment to give concrete substance to the Agreement, through ambitious, tangible actions and decisions, will keep global temperature increase below 2°C.

Indeed, the contributions of the countries party to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change have not been sufficient enough to enable us to achieve that goal.

Therefore, we urgently need to adopt sustainable development approaches and innovative technological strategies and make sure they are implemented rapidly.

To this end, the priorities set by the Moroccan Presidency of COP22 focus on four areas: the actual implementation of national contributions; the mobilization of funds; the strengthening of adaptation measures and technological development.

Firstly, we need to encourage countries to adopt voluntary national contributions and to translate them into integrated public policies.

Secondly, Morocco will seek to establish a process for the gradual mobilization of funding for the benefit of developing countries. At the same time, it will propose mechanisms to facilitate access to climate finance and maximize benefits.

Thirdly, a significant effort will be made in the area of adaptation, through the quantification of needs, an increase in resources and greater capacity building.

Finally, COP 22 will consider a crucial action plan devoted to technology. It will comprise three main components: the dissemination of mature technology, the emergence of transition technology and support for innovation through research and development.

True to a longstanding tradition, the Kingdom of Morocco will show its solidarity with those who are most vulnerable or threatened by climate change. Throughout its presidency, Morocco will devote special attention to Island States, to Africa and, more generally, to all developing countries.

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rapid transformations are taking place in the Mediterranean. The region is facing diverse and unprecedented challenges. A melting pot of civilization, science and culture, the Mediterranean has always managed to innovate and go that extra mile.

Today, the Mediterranean must set the tone not only in terms of developing a new mode of consumption and production, but also with respect to innovation in combating climate change and, more generally, in achieving sustainable development.

Our region will have but one destiny: the one we shall strive to give it.

I wish you a fruitful meeting so that new, innovative, solidarity-based dynamics may be unleashed by this second MedCOP conference.

Thank you.
Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.“


© Copyright Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco 2009